7 Tage Japanische Moderne -Japanese Graphic Pop Art

Japanese Graphic Pop Art will be presenting art works by 14 Japanese artists living in
Berlin, France and Japan. In this exhibition you can feel and enjoy various forms of
Japanese aesthetics, from traditional art to contemporary!
Open time:
23. 3 (Sa) 19h- 23h     24. 3 (So) 13h- 18h    25. 3 (Mo) 16h- 22h

26. 3 (Tue) 16h- 22h   27. 3 (Wed) 11h- 22h  28. 3 (Do) 11h- 22h
29. 3 (Fri) 14h- 23h
Patrticipating Artists:
Emi Tokunaga ( Illustration ) Hawa Vogrig ( Comic )
Manami Takamatsu ( Illustration )  Nana Kozuma ( woodblock printing )
Atsuno Riccio ( Illustration )  Sumiyo Nagai ( Painting )
Minako Matsuishi (Graphic )  Marina ( Illustration )
Daiki Nishio ( Painting )
Tomoko Maruyama ( Painting ) Keina Suzuki ( Graphic )
OstenUko ( Illustration ) Takuo Tokiwa ( Painting )
Hokuzan Tanuki ( Illustration )
* We will also exhibit video art as follows:
-Graduation works animation made in collaboration with Tama Art University) by students of Prof.Kazunori Maruyama
from Kunitachi University
– A short illustrated story by Marina
23 March (Sat) *19h – 23h
19h20 –
Piano: Kazunori Maruyama
Koto (Japanese traditional Instrument): JuJu
Nihon Buyo (Japanese traditional Dance): Chihoko Yanagi
Haiku, Poem: Suzume Kitayama
20h00 -Contemporary dance: Yoriko Maeno
24 .3 (Sun) *13h – 18h
14h00 –
Piano Solo: Kazunori Maruyama
14h20 –
“Solo Opela”
Song: JuJu
Piano: kazunori Maruyama
Illustration: Tomoko Maruyama
15h00 -„Reading”
Poem, Haiku: Suzume Kitayama
Piano: Kazunori Maruyama
25 .3 (Mon) *16h – 22h
16h30 – 18h00
Go (Japanese Board game) workshop by Kalli Balduin
19h00 – 19h30
Nihon Buyo (Japanese traditional dancing)
by Chihoko Yanagi (Dance) and JuJu (Koto)
20h00 – Salon Koto music + … by JuJu(Koto)
26 .3 (Tue) *16h-22h
Go (Japanese Board game) workshop by Kalli Balduin
19h00 -KAKAO (Jazz singer, Classic piano, Street Dancer)
27 .3 (Wed ) *11h-22h
Kusakizome (vegitable dyeing) workshop by Manami Takamatsu
19h00 – 19h30
Nihon Buyo (Japanese traditional dancing)
by Chihoko Yanagi (Dance) and JuJu (Koto)
20h00 -Salon Koto music + … by JuJu(Koto)
28.3 (Thu) *11h – 22h
Etegami workshop by Manami Takamatsu
Shakuhachi (Japanese traditional bamboo flute): Peter Pütz
29.3 (Fri) *14h – 23h
16h30- 18h00
Kitsuke (Kimono wearing) workshop by Chihoko Yanagi
19h00 – Shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute): Peter Pütz
19h30 -“Solo Opela” Song: JuJu
Piano: Kazunori Maruyama
Illustration: Tomoko Maruyama
20h00 – Music by Maruyama’s works
Piano: Kazunori Maruyama
20h30 -“Experiment”
Koto: JuJu
Piano: Kazunori
Attempt at Novelty